People have a lot of general shared traits. Among them is the fact that most of us want to be the best at whatever we do. Be it business or personal, spiritual or physical, the urge to succeed and excel is strong within most of us. This is a great trait to have as it provides motivation, drive and eagerness.. But as with all things, the tenacity to succeed at all costs and be the best there ever was can have its drawbacks. More often than not, these drawbacks happen when you try to push too hard against your limits. The word limitation is not a bad word. Limits are not put in place to destroy a person's drive and dreams. We tend to want to reach the sky on  try one and that’s typically unrealistic. You can bend your limits and even move them but having a goal or stopping point is important in keeping you from overexerting yourself.

To give an example let’s talk about weight loss. If you want to lose 5 pounds a week that is a plausible, reachable goal. But how you go about losing those 5 pounds will show and can push your limits. While it’s acceptable to exercise, eat well and get enough rest, it’s definitely not “ok” to over exercise, under eat or under sleep. To go against your body’s dietary limitations could result in a number of bad things, from irritability to dizziness to possible hair loss and these are just a few examples. Over exercising could result in fatigue, mood swings and insomnia. Obesity, mood swings and possible early mortality are all possible negative effects of under-sleeping.

It’s ok to play it safe for a while until you can push your limits to fit your goal. Limits are needed to help you understand how far you’re willing to go to help someone or achieve something. Limits aren’t bad things and respecting them doesn’t mean you’re not trying. It just means you’re trying within your capabilities. It’s often said the sky's the limit and that’s correct but flying too close to the sun will burn you.

-K. Hudson


K. Hudson