Base First


Applying makeup is a true art form. It can transform the way you look and feel with just a few brush strokes. Makeup can be used to express ones creativity with avant-garde looks or simply flash up your natural look. The styles and options are endless when it comes to doing your makeup. But as with any great work of art you must first have a great canvas. That is your skin.

Skin care is such a vital part of not just your morning routine but your everyday life routine. Let’s face it, we aren’t getting any younger and your skin will treat you the way you treat it. While there are a few blessed souls that can wash their faces with hand soap and only drink water, we aren’t all that lucky. Our skin requires a bit of work and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Don’t you worry never fear, today I will be giving you all a few skincare tips on how to keep that face (and body!) fresh and flourishing.

First, cleansing, you would want to start off with a makeup free face, makeup remover or micellar water can help with the removal of any makeup. Cleansing helps to get all of the yucky toxins from your environment, atmosphere and/or makeup residue. This is vital because it helps keep you bacteria free which helps you avoid breakouts and no one wants those. You can use many different products such as facial washes or even facial masks that have cleansing properties that will clean your skin upon washing off the mask. Next, exfoliation which is the removal of dead skin cells. This will help your skin look and feel smoother as you’re uncovering “fresh”skin and removing the dead skin cells.

Next are your choices between toners, essences and serums. This article does a great job in listing the differences between the three so that you can make the best choices for your skin concerns and types. Following that is moisturizer. Listen to me: I do not care how oily your skin is you still need to moisturize. Everyone needs to moisturize as your skin dries out throughout the day and it needs all the help it can get. Additionally if your moisturizer includes sunscreen it can help protect you against sun damage which is always a plus but you can always use a sun screen separately if you prefer. Eye cream is another step which will help diminish dark circles, wrinkles and “bags” under the eye; diminish not get rid of completely. These problem areas may begin to fade with a consistent routine, but it  really depends because they are not a cure all.

As add-ons you should be sure to include your neck area and lips to your skincare routine. A lip scrub would help to exfoliate them and make them soft and kissable while a moisturizing lip balm keeps them from drying out. You could also use a lip mask. Make sure to exfoliate your body as well to keep it soft and smooth with a body scrub or polish.

I know this seems like a lot but knowing your skin needs will drastically shorten your routine and most of this stuff doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Go to (tell them K sent you ) and stock up on all your face, lip and body care needs. Your skin will treat you how you treat it so treat it kindly and with love. All it takes is a little time out of your day but the results will definitely be worth it. Stay Beautiful.

-K. Hudson


K. Hudson