Beauty & Confidence


Let’s talk about beauty. Well scratch that, let’s talk about what can make you feel beautiful. Everyone has their own beauty. Regardless of if they see it or not it’s there and alive and prevalent inside is us all. What may be harder for some though is feeling beautiful. Confidence. Simple word simple concept. By definition confidence is “the quality or state of being certain.” Ok. To be confident means to be in a state of being certain about yourself. This is admittedly easier said than done. While it’d be amazing to just wake up and turn on your confidence like a light fixture, for some of us it doesn’t work like that.

With that dilemma in mind I have thought of a few things that I believe can help boost your confidence and help create a better you. Disclaimer though for you lovelies reading this post, you’re already perfect as your are and these tips are only that, tips. First up, clothes. A great outfit is something that can really help you to feel great about how you look. It can brighten your mood or make you feel like the boss you are . It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to make you happy. Skin care is another step that can help you feel like a million bucks but it doesn’t have to cost that! Krazy Essentials offers a variety of skin care products at low cost ( along with body, home and lip care items. Small things like brightening uneven skin tone to clearing breakouts can have a massive effect on how you feel about you. A good skincare routine can change your life. Additionally you can invest in you. Take some time out to give yourself a pep talk. Give yourself 3 compliments a day. Stand in your mirror and really look at your beautiful self and acknowledge that beauty. Spend some time with your own body and mind.

Confidence and beauty go hand and hand. You cannot have one without the other. These are things you should want for yourself never for anyone else. The joy that being comfortable and confident in your own skin brings is simply unmatched and I wish for everyone to experience it. While everyone may not love you, you should love you and at the end of all the days that should be all that matters. A happy you.

-K. Hudson


K. Hudson